Rocks, rocks, and more rocks (and also filter fabric)

By Tony Heath, Project Engineer Today was another productive day at the garden. When I arrived this morning, the Facilities & Services crew was continuing with rock removal in the north cell. I noticed that they were using a smooth-bladed bucket for the excavator. It was more effective at pulling the rock out without bringingContinue reading “Rocks, rocks, and more rocks (and also filter fabric)”

Species of the week – Pale Purple Coneflower

By Reshmina William, PhD in Civil Engineering at UIUC, RORG Volunteer Digging deep… In late spring and early summer, the vibrant blooms of pale purple coneflower will bring a dash of showy color to our rain garden. However, this particular species is more than just a pretty face. Together with its other coneflower cousins, EchinaceaContinue reading “Species of the week – Pale Purple Coneflower”