RORG’s 2021 Year in Review

By the RORG Team While 2020 was the year that we had to scrap and rewrite plans, 2021 was a year filled with new life and vibrancy. We were able to meet stewardship and fundraising goals for our grant, build our bridge, and welcome students back to campus in the fall. Many of those studentsContinue reading “RORG’s 2021 Year in Review”

The 2021 RORG Expansion

By the RORG Team OVERVIEWRORG Director Eliana Brown is pleased to announce the completion of a new “expansion” garden across the sidewalk from RORG. This new garden was made possible by a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, our generous donors, and with the help of our community and student volunteers. The garden’sContinue reading “The 2021 RORG Expansion”

RORG’s First Builder: Interview with Professor Tony Endress

By Sandra Bjerga, RORG Student Team Member [Although Sandra has graduated and taken full-time employment (congrats, Sandra!) and isn’t our student anymore, she wrote this piece earlier this year for us. Enjoy!] Did you know that the current renovation of the Red Oak Rain Garden is building upon work from almost 15 years ago? InContinue reading “RORG’s First Builder: Interview with Professor Tony Endress”

In the Garden: November

By Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer Since the garden’s renovation, this time of the year has been a favorite of the RORG team. While a very warm and wet October has put a bit of a damper on fall foliage, there are still some beautiful colors in and around the garden this month! The fruitContinue reading “In the Garden: November”


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