In the Garden: May

By Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer We think April 2021 will go down as one of the most exciting months the Red Oak Rain Garden has ever experienced. From the amazing display of spring color appearing for the first time, to the return of guided tours after more than a year, we hope you’re enjoyingContinue reading “In the Garden: May”

Horticulture + Health: an Interview with Dr. Andrea Faber Taylor

by Sandra Bjerga, RORG Student Team I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Andrea Faber Taylor about her background with horticulture, how she incorporates RORG service learning into her classes, and her research with nature and children. A little about her:Dr. Faber Taylor is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Crop Sciences whoContinue reading “Horticulture + Health: an Interview with Dr. Andrea Faber Taylor”

In the Garden: April

By Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer Welcome to April at the Red Oak Rain Garden! This will be a special month for years to come, as the garden’s new additions of Virginia Bluebells, Shooting Star, Wild Hyacinth, and Woodland Phlox will bloom alongside the established populations of Foamflower, Rue Anemone, Wild Ginger, and Celandine Poppy.Continue reading “In the Garden: April”

In the Garden: March

By Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer It’s finally March! Warmer temperatures and longer days mean spring is just around the corner. The last of the berries in the garden have been eaten by the returning Robins and overwintering pollinators are beginning to emerge from their winter homes in plant stems and under the cover ofContinue reading “In the Garden: March”


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