Giving Tuesday 2022

by C. Eliana Brown, RORG Director The Red Oak Rain Garden celebrates GivingTuesday with a campaign to fund a RORG Maintenance Endowment. On November 29, 2022, we join millions around the world participating in the GivingTuesday global generosity movement. GivingTuesday reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and generosity. Their global network inspires generosity aroundContinue reading “Giving Tuesday 2022”

Looking back on my RORG experience: Sydney Nielsen

By Sydney Nielsen, RORG Student Team Taking a look back at my time with RORG, it’s hard to believe how quickly a semester passed by. To me, it feels like just yesterday I first found the listing with the application to apply for RORG’s internship. But now, I’m writing my final reflection about not onlyContinue reading “Looking back on my RORG experience: Sydney Nielsen”

Inspirations: Japan House Gardens

By Sydney Nielsen, RORG Student Intern Japan House is a must-visit location and a haven of tranquility for many on the University of Illinois campus. In addition to being a place of learning and respite, the Japan House gardens are a meaningful source of inspiration for the RORG Team. BACKGROUNDAccording to Japan House’s website, theyContinue reading “Inspirations: Japan House Gardens”

MULCH MADNESS 2022: Hold onto your gardening hats, sports fans!

Two years ago, following the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA Basketball tournament, the RORG team started our own version: MULCH MADNESS. We’re excited to announce the THIRD ANNUAL tournament! This competition involves 28 flowering native plants found in the Red Oak Rain Garden battling it out to find out who will make it to the Final Forb. (Yes, that’sContinue reading “MULCH MADNESS 2022: Hold onto your gardening hats, sports fans!”

Deicing Salts and Plant Damage

by Guest blogger Ryan Pankau, Horticulture Educator Originally published on the Garden Scoop Blog. While this winter has brought little ice and snow cover, this past weekend’s winter weather put a coating of ice on most smooth surfaces. Gardeners, businesses, parks, and others with landscaping near walkways must apply deicing salts for safety, but theseContinue reading “Deicing Salts and Plant Damage”