Rain Gardens – View from an Economist

by Prof. Amy Ando, Guest blogger Rain gardens, like other kinds of green infrastructure, capture rainfall that nurtures the garden plants and soaks into the ground (known as infiltration). Rain gardens can replenish groundwater and reduce stormwater runoff that would otherwise contribute to pollution and flooding during heavy rains. Adding rain gardens to a systemContinue reading “Rain Gardens – View from an Economist”

Construction Update: Phase III, the bridge

by Eliana Brown, RORG Director I’m sure many of you have the seen the sign at the Red Oak Rain Garden letting you know that a new boardwalk/bridge was coming in Spring 2020 and, perhaps, you’re probably wondering where it is. A combination of the spread and mitigation of COVID-19 and other extenuating circumstances hasContinue reading “Construction Update: Phase III, the bridge”

Estimating Impact: Carbon Sequestration

By Carl Carman, Guest Blogger/Ex-officio RORG Team collaborator/Volunteer The Red Oak Rain Garden (RORG) team planted approximately 9,000 plants and recorded the species, number, and geospatial location of each plant. Given the plethora of plants, the team thought it might be cool to estimate the environmental impact of the garden in the context of terrestrialContinue reading “Estimating Impact: Carbon Sequestration”

When Will RORG Look Like an HGTV Garden?

by Layne Knoche, Landscape Designer Last fall, the RORG team and nearly 100 volunteers successfully installed about 9,000 native plants at the rain garden. While this monumental feat sounds like a lot, it might not look like a lot to many folks accustomed to HGTV quick transformations. That is, it might not look like muchContinue reading “When Will RORG Look Like an HGTV Garden?”

Inspiring People: Horticulturalist Henry Eilers

From the (home office) desk of Layne Knoche, landscape designer: I first met Henry Eilers at an Extension Master Gardener event in Montgomery County, Illinois in spring 2019. I’d been asked to give a talk about the integration of natives in the home landscape and in rain gardens and I was elated to see suchContinue reading “Inspiring People: Horticulturalist Henry Eilers”

MULCH MADNESS 2020: If you miss your basketball bracket, root for your favorite flowers instead

AND WE HAVE A WINNER! FINAL BRACKET RESULTS UPDATE (4/9/20): ROUND 3 RESULTS UPDATE (4/9/20): ROUND 2 RESULTS UPDATE (4/1/20): ROUND 1 RESULTS ORIGINAL MULCH MADNESS BRACKET Hold on to your gardening hats, sports fans! The NCAA basketball tournament may have had to cancel, but the RORG Team’s got you. We proudly announce our version:Continue reading “MULCH MADNESS 2020: If you miss your basketball bracket, root for your favorite flowers instead”

Planting the Red Oak Rain Garden: Week 3

by Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer Winter break is here has come and gone and our team finally has some time to catch up on this blog. This post covers September 30th – October 4th: the final week of the plant installation. You can catch up with week 1 and week 2 to make sureContinue reading “Planting the Red Oak Rain Garden: Week 3”