RORG’s Ceramics

By Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer If you’ve been out to the garden lately, you’ve probably noticed an artsy addition: twelve ceramic mosaic tiles placed around the garden’s perimeter along the sidewalks. The mosaic tiles were an instant hit at the garden, and the number one question we hear now is “Who made those beautifulContinue reading “RORG’s Ceramics”

RORG’s Very Own Prairie Fire

The Prairie Fire sculpture with Purple Poppy Mallow. Photo by Layne Knoche. By Kate Gardiner, RORG Communications Manager If you’ve walked through the garden, you’ve probably noticed the sculpture – it’s red and wavy and pops up in several different parts of the garden. It’s beautiful, especially when it catches the setting sun. But didContinue reading “RORG’s Very Own Prairie Fire”