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By C. Eliana Brown, RORG Director

Supporters at the 2019 Soft Opening/Tree Celebration. Photo by Travis Tate.

UPDATE (12/29/20): At 95% of our goal. Will YOUR gift be the one that takes us over the top?

UPDATE (12/22/20): At 92% of our goal. Almost there!

Help turn the tree green! We’re 92 percent of the way to our $7,000 goal. Make a difference today with your gift.

UPDATE (11/19/20): At 75% of our goal. Hurrah!

UPDATE (11/10/20): At 66% of our goal. Two-thirds!

AT PUBLICATION (10/20/20): At 47% of our goal.

The Red Oak Rain Garden natural area was recently awarded two grants by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation allowing for the completion of our renovation’s final phase. These grants allow us to improve the garden for both human and wildlife visitors, including amenities such as the sustainably harvested wooden bridge and additional early-season blooming plants for spring pollinators.

Through a three-to-one program that matches donations up to $7,000, and an additional $6,000 for volunteer hours, the Community Stewardship Challenge Grant promotes support from local donors and volunteers. RORG has an amazing community of supporters and we hope you’ll join in.

We need you! Every dollar of your support is matched with 3 more dollars under this grant. For example, $25 is matched with $75, which stretches it to $100 for the garden! If you are able to help out with a gift or know someone that might be, visit our support page. We appreciate your consideration! ❤

With your help, we can reach our goals and the garden will receive $36,000 for improvements! The RORG Team partnered with the Champaign County Design and Conservation Foundation to raise funds for this grant, which also includes Dorner Drive Retention Pond and Illini Woods natural areas. RORG also received a corresponding $5,500 Public Amenities and Events Grant that will be used to enhance visitor use and enjoyment and allow for lecture events to be held at the garden. Read Extension’s press release about the grants here.

Help us realize our vision of a place of ecological research, education, inspiration, and wellbeing, by joining our community of supporters today.

Thank you.

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