In the Garden: Late-October 2020

By Layne Knoche, RORG Landscape Designer

Even after a number of frosts and freezes, the garden is still looking great. The large drifts of Prairie Dropseed have turned to colors golden brown, creating a blanket of beautiful texture across sunny areas of the garden. Late season blooms from Smooth Blue Aster, Black Eyed Susan, and ‘Rozanne’ Geranium are still supporting pollinators as they prepare for the winter months ahead.

1,000 ‘Prinses Irene’ Tulips were recently installed by volunteers. In the spring, these orange tulips will bloom alongside the hundreds of Virginia Bluebells that were also recently installed, adding a vibrant mix of orange and blue blooms just before UIUC graduation. You can read more about the Tulip installation (and how we’re protecting all of those bulbs from hungry squirrels) in this blog.

See our full September garden report here.

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