Almost planting day

by Eliana Brown, Project Leader

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Phase II of our project begins and the first plants go in!

Juncus effusus in the greenhouse. Photo by Eliana Brown.

The RORG team has been working hard to prepare – especially Layne Knoche, who is managing the plant installation. Students in several university classes and nearby residence halls and community member volunteers from the Extension Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs will arrive early tomorrow to start planting the south cell of the garden. Volunteers will have specific roles. Some will be planting; while others will be prepping by doing such jobs as selecting and bringing plants from the greenhouse.

By the way, the university’s greenhouse is extremely well run; their staff have been great to work with as 4 different nursery orders arrived this past week.

Yes, we are excited! Photo by Eliana Brown.

The new plants join our plants that have been waiting a few months for their new “friends”. Erin Harper, Horticulture 100 instructor, has graciously been letting us use her greenhouse room this summer. Some excess plants — such as the mist flower in the foreground — will be sold Monday and Tuesday at a plant sale starting at 5 pm both days. (Shop early for best selection!) Can you spot the Joe Pye weed? It was salvaged from the original garden.

Thank you Erin Harper for sharing your space with us this summer!
Photo by Eliana Brown.

But with thousands and thousands of plants, we needed more room. Per Erin’s suggestion, we contacted greenhouse staff Clint Shipley and Heather Lash, who arranged two (yes, two) additional rooms.

So for tonight, the plants are tucked away safely in the greenhouse. Tomorrow, they start being a rain garden.

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