The Student Team

The UIUC Department of Communication offers internships and academic credit for students in their major. For spring 2021, the RORG Team is thrilled to welcome Sandra Bjerga, who will help to promote RORG and distribute knowledge of rain gardens and native plants to campus and the greater public.

Sandra Bjerga

Senior, Communications

Sandra is a Senior at UIUC majoring in Communication and dual minoring in Public Relations & Psychology. She loves being outdoors and running around campus. Her favorite time to be outdoors is when the seasons are changing during fall and spring. She has a big passion for makeup as she loves the different ways she can let out creativity. She has been doing photography since high school and wants to continue that passion moving forward. Sandra became interested in the ethics behind the work done at the Red Oak Rain Garden and is looking forward to working with an organization she’s passionate about. Overall, she likes to stay optimistic in life and is always looking for the next mountain to climb.

Past Student Teams

Fall 2020: ENVS 492 – Lauren Lindow, Ariel Gomez, Maggie Nutter & Nina Jurko

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