The Fall 2020 Student Team

The RORG team is excited to host a UIUC student team for the fall 2020 semester. These students, from Instructor Eric Green‘s Environmental Studies (ENVS) 492: Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Capstone class, will be involved in social media campaigns, soil health and stormwater data tracking, and documentation of various events taking place at the Rain Garden.

Lauren Lindow

Senior, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Lauren Lindow is a senior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and the ISEE (Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment) Fellow’s Program. She is President of Illini Urban Farmers and Historian for Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. She spent summer 2020 interning for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and hopes to have a career in urban agriculture or land conservation in the future.

Ariel Gomez

Senior, Technical Systems Management

Ariel Gomez is a senior Majoring in Technical Systems Management and double minoring in Natural Resource Conservation and the ISEE Fellows Program. Over summer 2020, Ariel decided to start her own website where she hand makes little cositas such as hair clips, mini jewelry boxes, jewelry (such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets ), and any other little things she can make herself. The purpose of her company is to upcycle and reuse products and to send out a positive vibe to the world through her art.

Nina Jurko

Junior, Architectural Studies

Nina Jurko is a junior majoring in architectural studies in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. She enjoys spending her time outdoors and exploring nature whether through hiking, biking or even through pulling out her sketchbook and drawing out some quick sketches of whatever catches her eye.

Maggie Nutter

Senior, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Maggie Nutter is a senior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with an ISEE minor. Her love for hiking and gardening first got her interested in sustainability, and she is continuing to pursue a career in sustainability. This summer she did field work controlling the spread of invasive species and planting native plants. She is excited to work with the Red Oak Rain Garden on infiltration testing, planting and social media posts over the semester.

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