The Red Oak Rain Garden (RORG), the first rain garden on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, was established in 2006. Located between Allen Hall and McKinley Health Center, RORG provides flood protection, improves water quality, and serves as a model for ecologically healthy landscapes. Prior to the garden, rainstorms limited sidewalk use and impaired the red oak. The updated design enhances the garden’s ability to absorb rainwater in a beautiful, educational way.

The RORG Team, led by Eliana Brown, Water Quality Specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant and Illinois Extension, is managing the design and build of the project, which just completed phases I and II as of October 2019. Read our blog for the latest construction updates.

RORG, supported by SSC and others, is part of the Illinois Climate Action Plan.

Renovation Phases

Phase I: Demolition/soil preparation/hardscaping COMPLETED

Phase II: Plant installation COMPLETED See our plant collection

Phase III: Boardwalk construction and sign installation SPRING 2021 Help support Phase III

In fall 2019, after Phases I and II were complete, the Team hosted a soft opening event, which coincided with a couple of special RORG birthdays.

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